Trip Types

What Kind of Holiday Do you want?
We offer a variety of trip types. You can find the perfect vacation and experience places like beaches, hotels, dynamic tours, and exotic places.

Our trips are always accompanied by our trusted guides. They have the insider knowledge to make spontaneous changes to your itinerary to take advantage of local celebrations, changes in weather, or special events.
Please let me know if there are any further changes you would like to make to your itinerary, we will be happy to assist you with proper logistics.
We also offer private Tailor-made services for those who prefer a flexible schedule. If so, please fill out our Form
We are sure you will have a vacation of a lifetime.

Why Book with Us

For over 30 years, Costa Rica Travel Adventures has been creating inspirational Tailor-Made holidays.

Our trips are designed with only one thing in mind… your interests and preferences.

Your happiness is our Priority. We create memories of a lifetime!

100% Customizable

We specialize in highly customized itineraries. Our Travel Experts take great pride in customizing inspiring journeys and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our itineraries are designed around your travel style, perfect taste and preferred accomodation.

Because we care

We care about our customers because they are the reason why we are in business. We understand their needs, ideas and interests. We are in constant communication with our Guides and Drivers, so that we all know where our guests are and what their needs are in a particular moment.

Our Team

Our Office Staff, Guides and Drivers are the secret to our success. Our Experienced Guides make the magic in the field so that our guests maximize their time while having the vacation they have dreamed of. We are here to deliver "WOW" moments. Our team is your team.

Our Experience

A 30-year of Experienced, Acknowledged, and Professional Local Travel Agency. We bring our customers memories, joys, safety, and comfort throughout your vacation. While traveling in Costa Rica, you have an amazing Customer Service team to help you.

We want to share important Information with you.

Before traveling and get ready for your adventure, we reccommend to read carefully the information below.

Is Costa Rica safe to travel?

COSTA RICA TRAVEL ADVENTURES WELCOMES YOU! Costa Rica Travel Adventures put your worries to rest. Feel Safe and enjoy your vacation with family, friends, or on your own. Even in Covid times! The country prides itself on putting you first as safety of its visitors …

Paying for your holiday

We want to make sure you have safe and secure methods of making payment to Costa Rica Travel Adventures. The ways that you can pay are set out below. For your security, we recommend that you always check the bank details you are sending payments …


The following sections are designed to help you prepare for your trip as well as provide some advice for staying healthy while you’re away. Further information, including country-specific recommendations, can be found on the TravelHealth Pro and fitfortravel websites. Covid-19 advice and precautions As the situation continues to evolve, …