Is Costa Rica safe to travel?


Costa Rica Travel Adventures put your worries to rest.

Feel Safe and enjoy your vacation with family, friends, or on your own. Even in Covid times!

The country prides itself on putting you first as safety of its visitors is of the highest priority and taken very seriously. Covid tests and quarantines are no longer necessary nor mandatory to enter Costa Rica. 

You will simply need to fill out a digital epidemiological form and then sent it.  You will receive a QR Code and present it in the Airlines Check-in Counter and immigrations when you arrive and you will not have to quarantine upon arrival

Once in the country, there are strict protocols at hotels, restaurants, public transportation, and tourist attractions for the safety of visitors and staff and masks are enforced in specific areas. 

You can enjoy all the tours, activities, and adventures that were available before Covid and now they are even safer because of strict cleaning and social distancing practices that have been put in place.  

We feel very comfortable recommending you explore this beautiful country but ask that you follow these guidelines to safely enjoy all that “Pura Vida” Costa Rica has to offer. 

Always be aware of where your belongings are always. When using public transportation make sure to keep an eye on where you stow your things.

This goes for bringing your items to the beach. Simple answer… don’t do it. Leave any important documents in your lodging and bring a dry bag for those things you do need such as hotel and car keys so you can swim with them when you go into the water.  Make copies of all important documents you have brought with you, email them to yourself and leave them in your lodging. While at the airport make sure all your luggage is with you and does not go unattended.

We advise you to not go to the beach in any area after dark, especially if you are a woman and traveling alone.

We also do not advise driving at night. Many of the roads do not have signs and are difficult to see even with the best WAZE or Google Map directions. Not only do they not have signs, but many do not have lights as well making it extremely difficult to see potholes, road work, pedestrians walking, sharp turns, cliffs, etc. 

Be very cautious when you go into any body of water in the country as tides and rip currents can be strong. Also, as much of the country is considered the rainforest, the weather can change dramatically on very short notice. So, hiking to a waterfall can turn into something much more dangerous if you are not careful.

If you rent a car, make sure to keep it always locked and do not leave any items in the car that you want to see when you get back. It’s advisable to have insurance when renting your car as things can happen, and they do. 

Make sure you have sunscreen packed! Costa Rica is located very close to the Equator making the UV light and heat more intense.  Drink lots of water. 

Photo by Arturo Sotillo