Regarding international flights, Costa Rica Travel Adventures chooses not to do international airfare so that we can wholly focus on in-country travel. Our recommendation is an agency called Exito Travel and Kayak.

Exito Travel

The really great thing about Exito Travel is that if you want to talk to them, you will get an actual human being on the line that is happy to answer your questions about your international air. They will provide you with a no obligation airfare quote and itinerary within hours of you filling out the online quote request. Please click to reach their information form.


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Kayak is another resource specialized in flights, as well as hotel reservations, car rentals, tours, etc…We do recommend using Kayak for international flights only.  Booking separated services such as a car rental, a tour, a hotel night here and there is not ideal for a Costa Rica Vacation, this is the reason you have us, to facilitate and make your vacation stress-free and a truly unforgettable experience. Please clik Kayak to find your best international airfare.