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Domestic Flights

Carry-On Baggage

You are permitted to carry one piece with a maximum weight of 10 lbs/4.5 Kg. 20 linear inches/ 50 cm (length + height + width).
In addition, each passenger may take one of the following items into the cabin under their own care and at no additional cost:

1. Ladies purse/handbag, Books, Items to be consumed by infants during the trip, Coat or Blanket, Camera or binoculars, Laptop. In case of limited space in the cabin, you may be required to check your luggage.

Excess Baggage Charge

Anything exceeding the free baggage allowance is considered as excess baggage and can only be transported by paying an additional fee for it. Overweight and additional baggage is transported subject to available space on the plane. Additional charge applies per pound: $1.50 USD.

Nacascolo Air – Premium Charter Service

130 pounds total max (soft cases if possible) Maximum dimensions 45 linear inches/114 cm. length + Height+ width)