Blue Falls of Costa Rica

Incredible Twin Blue Waterfalls!


Ready for your bluest and coldest waterfall experience in Costa Rica?

Nature as perfect as it can get. We will offer you something mind-blowing. A genuinely blue river with seven blue waterfalls, three typical waterfalls, rapids, swimming pools, views, nature, and hiking.

Blue Falls – Light- The tour explained

You will park your car or our bus at Catarata Del Toro and use the restrooms and get your ticket. We will start walking over the public road and we will cross a beautiful farm. Also, we will cross a river by a bridge, until we end up in the blue river. Approximately thirty minutes till this point and then:

1 – We will descend into the blue river, cross it, and walk towards the Las Gemelas.
2 – We use the same way back to take a quick look from above at the blue rapids.
3 – Entering the blue river again at a lower point into a beautiful blue pool.
4 – Time to cool down, and let’s swim blue and as long as you wish.
5 – Get ready for another fifteen minutes hike over a jungle trail and through a blue water canyon to the waterfall Tepezquintle.
6 – From here, we are heading back.

Duration: 2-3 hours.
Weight: Medium
Total Walking Distance: 4.5 km.
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 07.00 – 16.00 hours and Sunday closed.

During the rainy season, the best time will be early mornings and the final openings hours depends on the weather.

Note: Age limits are just an indication. If you are 67+ but healthy and fit, then, of course, you are welcome. If you have any questions about the age limits, please contact us.

Safety, liability, internal rules and other important stuff

Important to know and accept: Accept limitation of liability, no yoga, no pets, and no kids under the age of six.

The customer is responsible for being on time and for bringing the correct clothes/shoes/gear. There is a possibility to buy breakfast, lunch, or a snack.

Good to Know: The tour is as safe as possible. In the event of an earthquake or another natural disaster, it is easy to get to higher grounds and safety. And also, we offer the most convenient access. We have liability insurance from the INS, guaranteed by the state of Costa Rica.

Walking shoes or boots, anti-slip tennis- or water shoes for the swimming part. And, or just old tennis shoes for the entire trip, swimming gear, anti-mosquito repellent, sun blocker, 1.5 liters of drinker water, snacks, and a camera.

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Blue Falls of Costa Rica