We are a 100% Stress-Free vacation Planning Agency

Why you Choose and Trust Costa Rica Travel Adventures to book your Costa Rican Vacation?

  • We have wonderful ways to experience Costa Rica.
  • First-class team of Travel Experts.
  • We take care of your logistics.
  • Our Guides and Drivers make the magic in the field so that our guests maximize their time while having the vacation they have dreamed of.  Also, they are in constant communication with our offices, so that we all know where our guests are and what their needs are in a particular moment, any hour of the day, any day of the week.
  • We value and work on your expectations.
  • We can customize your trip of a lifetime.
  • No problems while in country.
  • Last Minute Adjustments.
  • Our Office Staff, Guides and Drivers have been properly informed and trained to implement the Prevention sanitary protocols.
  • Payment Plans
  • We provide Secure Booking and payment Process
  • Our itineraries are built from your interests, goals, dreams, and travel personality.
  • Costa Rica Travel Adventures has doctors who are available for you, and we can call any time, as well as a list of first-class medical facilities and laboratories certified under the USA standards which accept most insurance and credit card plans.